Current MA Supervisions

Tanya Eb, Interdisciplinary Studies; Alexandra Fox, Interdisciplinary Studies; Hodari Reubin Clarke, Interdisciplinary Studies.

Completed MA Supervisions

Michael Lisinsky, (?) Communication and Culture, Ryerson University, 2017

Shelagh Pizey-Allen (MA,Communication and Culture. 2017). Activating Space: Listening to Toronto Soundwalks.

Saadia Salamath (MA, Humanities, 2016). From Stereotype to Social Type: American Television’s Visibly Muslim Female Characters

Robin McCullough (M.A. Communication and Culture, 2011). Silviculture and the Human- Technology Inscription of Landscape.

Enio Chiola (M.A. Sociology, 2010).  Sociology of Music: Race, Gender, Technology.

Bernhard Issop (M.A. Humanities, 2010).  Science wars and global warming.

Clare O’Connor (M.A. Communication and Culture, 2009). Pedagogies of Space in the Neoliberal University.

Abigail Godfrey (M.A. Communication and Culture, 2007). Photographic Ethnographies. With Professor Ken Little, Anthropology

Matt Flisfeder (M.A. Communication and Culture, 2005).  Globalization, Postmodernism and Public Space: A Visual Study of Yonge-Dundas Square.

Janine McLeod (M.A. Faculty of Environmental Studies, 2005). Words in Solution.

Beth Washburn (M.A., Sociology, 2003, Coffee to Go:  Time, Technology
 and Disposable Culture.

Sara Chan (M.A. Communication and Culture, 2002).  Imaginary Soundscapes: Electronic Music Culture and the Aesthetics of the Virtual.

Wes Schyngera (M.A. Concordia, 1993). Experiencing Media: The Resonance of (Post) Modern Culture.

Gordon Thompson (M.A. Concordia, 1993). Unnatural Couplings: Monstrous Investigations into the Ontology of Technology.

Robyn Sussel (M.A. Concordia, 1992). News of an Epidemic: Exploring the Discourse of `Deviance’ in the Construction of AIDS.

Joy Angela Forrester (M.A. Concordia 1992). Mass Media and Folk Media: The Convergence of Television and Storytelling for the Survival of Folk Culture in Jamaica.

Murray W. Forman (M.A. Concordia, 1991). Biotechnology and Rap Music in a Recombinant Culture.

Richard Ashby (M.A.,  Concordia, 1991). The Algebra of Need: Rethinking the Rehabitation of Nature in Contemporary Environmentalist Discourse.

Renee Baert (M.A. Concordia, 1991). Desiring Daughters.

Liliam  Beatris Chagas de Moura (M.A. Concordia, 1991). Tales of People and Power: Brazilian Telenovelas and the Politics of the Popular.

Lyndon C.S. Way (M.A. Concordia, 1989). Media Frames and Popular Music’s Politics: How Ancillary Music Media Can Contribute to Democratic Politics.

Karyna Laroche (M.A. Carleton 1988). The Sound Recording Development Program: Making Music to Maintain Hegemony.