Graduate Program Teaching and Affiliations

Current PhD Supervisions

Kelsey Speakman (Communication and Culture), Animals, meat, consumer culture.

Sean Steele (Humanities) Music festivals and secular religion.

Fergus Maxwell (SPT), Space, tourism and climate change

Completed PhD Supervisions

Brian McCormack (Humanities, 2018).  “Among Umwelten: Meaning-Making in Critical Posthumanism.”

Neil Balan  (PhD, Humanities, 2015). “Counterinsurgency: Firepower, Biopower and the Collateralization of Military Violence.”

Steven Logan (PhD, Communication and Culture, 2015).  “Modernist Urbanism in the Era of Automobility: Producing Space in the Suburbs of Toronto and Prague.”

Sabine Lebel (PhD, Communication and Culture, 2014).  “Life Cycle of a Personal Computer: Studies in the Materialities of Risk.”

Kelly Bronson (PhD, Communication and Culture, 2013).  “Framing the Debate: How Scientism in the Language of the Law binds Public-Biotechnology Engagement.”

Robinder Kaur Sehdev (PhD, Communication and Culture, 2008), “Liliwanna at the Brink: Visual Culture and Colonial History at Niagara Falls.”

Naomi Fraser (PhD. Communication and Culture, 2007). We Are All Connected: Internationalism and Canadian Identity.

Sarah Ravi Sharma (PhD. Communication and Culture, 2006). Temporality and Difference from the Agora to the Airport: Towards a Theory of Power- Chronography.

Melissa West (PhD. Communication and Culture), 2006.  Marketing Madonna: Commodity and Corporation.

Jenny Burman (PhD. Social and Political Thought, 2000). Global Flows: Economies of Nostalgia and Yearning. With Professor Ken Little, Anthropology.

Cheryl Simon (PhD. Humanities, Concordia University, 1998).  Gender, Genre and Globalization: Discourses of Femininity in the Popular Culture of the 1990s.

Adrian Ivachiw (PhD, Faculty of Environmental Studies, 1997).  Places of Power: Sacred Sites, Gaia’s Pilgrims and the Politics of Landscape.

Postdoctoral Supervision

Trudi Smith, 2011-2013. “Critical and creative visual inquiry grounded in contemporary acts of photography in Canadian National Parks.”

Graduate Program Affiliations

Science and Technology Studies 

Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduate Program in Humanities 

Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture  

Graduate Program Social and Political Thought

Graduate Courses Created

Reading the Anthropocene.  Humanities / Social and Political Thought

Animals in Human Cultures: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.  Humanities 3016.

Interfaces: Humans and Technology. Humanities 3925.

Culture and Technology. Graduate Program in Humanities

Culture and Modernity.  Graduate Program in Humanities /SPT.

Graduate Courses Taught,

MA Research Paper Practicum, W2021.

Images of Animals.  Film/Humanities.  W 2019

Bodies and Technologies. STS 6200/Communication and Culture.  W 2016.

Images of Animals.  Film/Humanities.  W 2015

Culture and Technology (created course).  Graduate Program in Humanities x 2

Culture and Modernity (created course).   Graduate Program in Humanities / Social and Political Thought, taught 2010, 2012, 2014.

Cultural Theory: Reading and Writing the Foreign.  SPT / Sociology, taught W 2013.

Undergraduate Courses Taught, 2009-

Animals in Human Cultures: taught 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20, 2020-21.

Popular and Consumer Culture.  Department of Humanities, taught W 2015, F 2015.

Popular Culture, Taught 2016.

Interfaces: Humans and Technology.  2007-8, 2008-9, 2009-2010; 2017-2018

Directed Reading Course Supervision

“Images of Animals.”  Marguerita Golovchenko (MA, Environmental Studies); Anthony Nairn (PhD, Social and Political Thought); Zoe Parco (MA, Fine Arts), 2020.

Environmental Humanities and colonial histories.  Christopher McAteer, PhD SPT, 2019

 Witches, Monsters and Cultural Theory.” Alex Jocavic, Graduate Program in Humanities. 2008-2009.

“Sociology of Popular Music.” [Sociology 5900.3] (Enio Chiola, Graduate Program in Sociology)

“Residual Media.” (Sabine Label, Phd. Communication and Culture)

Pedagogies of Space in the Neoliberal University.” (Clare O’Connor, M.A. Communication and Culture, 2006-2007)

“The Technological Environment: Media Technologies and the Transformation of Space and Place.” (Aleksandra Kaminska, PhD. Communication and Culture)  2005-2006 

“Historical, Cultural and Discursive Approaches to the Body.” (Jean Koo,

Humanities; Kelly Bronson, PhD. Communication and Culture)

“States of War: Violence, Technology, and Visual Culture.” ( Neil Balan, PhD. Humanities) 2004-2005